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Thassos-Island - Boardrules

Before you create an account please read our boardrules and click the link below to accept them. Thank you!

- Direct advertising and selfadvertising are not permitted! This includes he posts, signaturse and eny links. If a business man likes an advertising at our websites, please contact us. But we will delete any advertising in our Forum/guestbook.
- To keep the forum free of advertising, we can't allow to talk about prices of hotels, car hire companies etc. Please use the PM for such questions.

I would like to mention that we put value onto a good atmosphere. Nevertheless there will be a censorship only in extremely fatal cases or Spamming.

In the Chat it goes on often more personally than in the forum. From that it is important to draw a boundary here. It is very important not to write any information or even jokes out of the chat into the forum. In the Chat some comments are found only due to the known and restricted participants. In the forum on the other hand it is readable for everyone.

Private Messages (PM) / EMails
Same as for the Chat: The content of one PN is meant only for the receiver and may be published in the forum only with explicit agreement of the sender and receiver .

To make every topic readable to everyone, please only use English or German language (it is a mostly German board here). In spite of the interest in the Greek language, Greek of course also is allowed - but please with translation if possible. Thanks!

Sometimes it happens that also criticism is practiced at enterprises on Thassos. That is okay for us. But In order not to do any 'witch-hunt' from that, we ask for not calling shared persons by name. Everyone can make a mistake once. To brand it then over years isn't necessary.

This site means not to obey to the democratic right of freedom of opinion in every case. Although everyone is free to write what he wants, we allow ourself to edit or delete a posting if it violates the boardrules or if we think it is nceessary for other reasons. Maybe we even close a member's account if we don't see another way. But this happens very seldom.
All topics that might lead to a discussion about the local animal protection/F.O.S. must not take place in this forum. Please use the website of F.O.S. for such stuff.

Pictures and texts may only be uploaded if you have the copyright. We can't allow to provide any content that violates any law. From 25.05.2018 the basic data protection regulation (GDPR) of the EU applies Upon entering this forum, each new member accepts that it may be mentioned and marked within this forum. When posting external images whose copyright is not yours, we urge you to make sure that you also provide the source and license information: z. Eg Wikipedia. Here are clear guidelines on how their images may be used: In your own interest, post only photos that do not show strangers unless you have their permission to distribute them. IN THE EVENT OF INFRINGEMENT, THE APPLICANTS ARE TO BE RESPONSIBLE, NOT THE ADMINTEAM. The remaining in this forum will be evaluated after publication on 23.05.2018, as an agreement of the new provisions.

Data Protection
Please find our privacy policy following this link

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